225Galvanized Drink Dispenser with Bucket BaseGalvanized Drink Dispenser with galvanized bucket base and wooden handles. 2.5 gallon capacity. 18" tall294.jpg294Serving Drink Dispensers1
226Wooden Serving Tray Ivory-distressed Wooden Tray with Chalkboard Sign. Holds a standard 9" x 13" pan. 15" x 11" x 2.5" tall.295.jpg295Serving Trays1
227Half Wooden Crate Half Wooden Crate. 18" x 12" x 5" tall. Use on food or drink stations, at registry or gift table, Or just create a fun display. Has a variety of uses for your event.296.jpg296Crates and Containers1
228Vintage Bottles N Tray Vintage bottle tray with 8 milk bottles. Use as is for serving sauces, or add single-stem flowers for decorations. 13" wide x 9" deep x 8" tall.297.jpg297Serving Trays1
229Wooden Shelves Wooden Shelves. Ivory-distressed with 3 shelves. 9" wide x 16" tall x 3" deep. Use at a registration table to display memorabilia. 298.jpg298Chalkboards, Signs & Easels1
230Metal ContainerDecorative Metal Container. Use for card holder, decorative foliage, etc. 10" wide x 11" tall x 2" deep.299.jpg299Crates and Containers1
231Cake Serving Tray, RoundRound Cake Serving Tray. Holds an 11" round cake. 15" diameter with a decorative edge.300.jpg300Serving Trays1
232Ivory-Distressed, Mirrored Serving Trays (x3)Rectangular Ivory-Distressed, Mirrored Serving Trays with handles. Set of 3 with dimensions: 9"x14", 11"x16", 13"x18"301.jpg301Serving Trays1
233Ivory-Distressed Serving Tray, Rectangular Ivory-Distressed Serving Tray, Rectangular, with decorative sides and handles. 19" wide x 12" deep x 1.5" tall302.jpg302Serving Trays1
234Ivory N Chalkboard Tray Ivory N Chalkboard Tray. Perfect for writing messages on.303.jpg303Chalkboards, Signs & Easels10
235Serving Tray, Round, Chevron Round Cake Serving Tray. 14" diameter with a unique Chevron pattern and decorative edge.304.jpg304Serving Trays2
236Serving Tray, Round, Green Round Cake Serving Tray. 14" diameter, green with handles.305.jpg305Serving Trays1
237Chalkboard Serving Tray, Rectangular Rectangular Chalkboard Serving Tray with white edges. 12" x 16"306.jpg306Serving Trays2
238Chalkboard Serving Tray, RectangularRectangular Chalkboard Serving Tray with white edges and handles. 10" x 15"307.jpg307Serving Trays1
239Serving Tray, Rectangular, Pink Rectangular Pink Serving Tray. 12" x 18"308.jpg308Serving Trays1
240Serving Tray, Rectangular, Blue-greenRectangular Wooden Serving Tray, Robin egg bluish-green. 15" x 21"309.jpg309Serving Trays1
241Wooden Board, varnishedRustic Wooden Board. Variety of shapes and sizes as options. From 6-12" wide. All varnished. Email us preferences.310.jpg310Rustic Decor20
242Wood Stump, Varnished Rustic wood stumps and 'cookies'. Used to raise serving trays, set items on, etc. Variety of shapes and sizes as options. All varnished. Email us preferences.311.jpg311Rustic Decor20
243Rustic Wooden LadderRustic Wooden Ladder with five steps. Lean against a wall and add potted plants for decoration. 14" wide x 70" tall.312.jpg312Rustic Decor1
244Picnic Basket Picnic Basket. 13" wide x 13" deep x 8" tall. Has a wooden insert. Use as a serving piece or decor for your event.313.jpg313Baskets & Stands1
245Rustic Bird Cage Rustic Bird Cage. Use to collect gift cards, add flowers, or other decor. 11" x 14" x 22" tall.314.jpg314Rustic Decor1
246Galvanized Serving Utensil Caddy Galvanized Serving Utensil Caddy with handle. Use for spoons, forks, ketchup bottle, straws, salt/pepper, etc.315.jpg315Serving Trays1
247Galvanized Picnic CaddyGalvanized Picnic Caddy with chalkboard, bottle opener, & 2 removable compartments Handle holds paper towels. 18" wide x 8" deep x 13" tall. 316.jpg316Serving Trays1
248Galvanized Bucket, Chalkboard Galvanized Bucket with Chalkboard. 4.5" diameter x 4" tall.317.jpg317Galvanized6
2493-tier Galvanized Stand3-tier Galvanized Stand to use to serve a variety of food items. 17" diameter x 20" tall.318.jpg318Serving Trays1
250Coke Crate, Milk BottlesCoke Crate with 24 8-ounce glass Milk Bottles.319.jpg319Serving Drink Dispensers1
251Galvanized Bucket, OvalGalvanized Bucket, Oval. Use to serve drinks on ice, hold gifts, party favors, flower arrangements. Turn upside down to hold drink dispenser. 13" x 22" x 7" tall.320.jpg320Galvanized1
252Galvanized Pot with FeetGalvanized Pot with Feet. 4" wide x 3" tall.321.jpg321Galvanized2
253Galvanized Ice Bucket Galvanized Ice Bucket with removable insert and lid. Hook on side for scoop. 8" diameter x 8" tall.322.jpg322Galvanized2
254'Wood Cookies' Serving Tray 2-tier 'Wood Cookies' Serving Tray. 21" tall with 12" base, 2 9" trays, and top 10" tray. 323.jpg323Serving Trays1
256Vintage Canisters (x4)Vintage Aluminum Canister. Set of 4. 4", 5", 6", & 7" diameters.325.jpg325Vintage Silver1
257Silver Plastic Tray, OvalSilver Plastic Tray, Oval. 12" x 18"326.jpg326Serving Trays20
258'Chocolate' Distressed Silver BucketDistressed Silver Bucket, Oval, with handles. 'Chocolate' stamped on front. 14" x 8" x 5" tall.327.jpg327Galvanized1
259Bucket with Scalloped Edges Distressed Silver Bucket with Scalloped Edges. 8" x 12" x 5" tall.328.jpg328Galvanized1
260Distressed Decorative Silver BucketDistressed Decorative Silver Bucket. 5" x 7" x 3" tall.329.jpg329Galvanized1
261Woodland Animal Beanie BabiesWoodland Animal Beanie Babies. Set of 12.330.jpg330Little Details 1
262Woodland Animal Signs (x6) Woodland Animal Signs in antique white frames. Set of 6. 8" x 10". Display with an easel.331.jpg331Chalkboards, Signs & Easels1
263Wooden Crate Wooden Crate. 18" x 13" x 10" tall. Use on food or drink stations, at registry or gift table, Or just create a fun display. Has a variety of uses for your event. 332.jpg332Crates and Containers6
264Crown & TiaraCrown & Tiara333.jpg333Little Details 1
265Directional Arrow SignDirectional Arrow Sign with Burlap Ribbon hanger. They can't make your event without directions! 14" wide x 3.4" tall.334.jpg334Chalkboards, Signs & Easels10
266Metal Basket Sconce Metal Basket Sconce to hang on wall, lattice or door. 12" wide x 18" tall. Basket is 9" tall. Dress up with greenery, flowers or fabric.335.jpg335Baskets & Stands2
267Silver Love is... Chalkboard Signs (x6) Silver Frame Chalkboard Signs. Set of 6. 1 Corinthian 13 Verse, Hook on back to hang signs or display with an easel. 336.jpg336Chalkboards, Signs & Easels1
268Metal Sconce with Planter Bucket Metal Sconce with Planter Bucket. 11" wide x 24" tall. Planter bucket is 5.5" wide x 5" tall. Hang on wall, lattice or door. Add flowers or greenery.337.jpg337Baskets & Stands2
269Metal Sconce with Vase Metal Sconce with Glass Vase. 9" wide x 26" tall. Silver color. Vase 9" tall. Hang on a wall, lattice panel, etc. Add an LED candle or flowers.338.jpg338Baskets & Stands2
270Silver SlipperCinderella Silver Slipper. Only one available, because you are the only one for him! Adorn with a flower, butterfly or ribbon. Measures 12" long, 4" tall.339.jpg339Little Details 1
295Gold Charger, RoundGold Charger, Round with beaded edge. 12" diameter.362.jpg362Serving Trays30
271Setup Services, 4-6 hoursWe will set up your decorations for you so you don't have to worry about them. We will provide 4-6 hours for anniversaries and medium group events.101.jpg101Set-up Services2
272Setup Services, 2-3 hoursWe will set up your decorations for you so you don't have to worry about them. We will provide 2-3 hours for birthday parties and small group events.102.jpg102Set-up Services2
273Clock TowerThis Clock Tower with four clock faces for centerpieces for Cinderella party or travel theme. Has a container on top to add flowers. 20" tall.340.jpg340Little Details 1
274TopiaryUse this Topiary as a money tree. 24" tall.341.jpg341Little Details 1
275Water Goblet Use this Water Goblet for flower arrangements. 7"tall.342.jpg342Flower Vases12
276Pattern Water Goblet Water Goblet with a flower pattern to use for flower arrangements. 7.5" tall.343.jpg343Flower Vases7
277Heart-shaped Wire BasketHeart-shaped Wire Basket with movable handles. Use to hold favors or on a food table as a container. 7" tall x 12"wide.344.jpg344Serving Trays1
278Rustic Trough with burlap liner This Rustic Trough with burlap liner and plastic line can be used as a serving container or for holding a flower arrangements. 24" long x 9" wide x 6" tall.345.jpg345Baskets & Stands1
279Grower Basket with Burlap LinerThis Grower Basket with burlap liner and plastic line and hanging hook can be used for holding a greenery.12" diameter x 9" tall.346.jpg346Baskets & Stands1
280Wire Basket, Square, BlackBlack, Square Wire Basket can be used for holding a variety of items. 8" wide x 4" tall.347.jpg347Baskets & Stands1
281Wire Basket, Oblong Black, Square Wire Basket can be used for holding a variety of items. 16" wide x 11" deep x 6" tall.348.jpg348Baskets & Stands1
282Wicker Basket Wicker Basket, can be used to hold a variety of items. Select size under Options.349.jpg349Baskets & Stands1
283Rustic Direction Arrow with ChalkboardRed Rustic Direction Arrow with Chalkboard center with rope hanger. 22" long x 8" tall.350.jpg350Chalkboards, Signs & Easels2
284Vintage Suitcase Vintage Suitcase. Blue-grey. Great for holding party favors, gifts, cards, toys, and other memorabilia.17" wide x 7" deep. 351.jpg351Crates and Containers1
285Movie Reel (x3)Movie Reel. Set of three. Each 11" round.352.jpg352Little Details 1
286Red WagonRadio Flyer Red Wagon. 21" long x 11" wide x 9" tall.353.jpg353Little Details 1
287Wrought-iron Serving Base, BrownWrought-iron Serving Base, Brown. 22" square.354.jpg354Serving Trays2
288Serving Tray, Two-tiered, Brown Two-tiered Serving Tray, Brown 17" tall x 15" wide x 8" deep.355.jpg355Serving Trays2
289Votive Candle StandVotive Candle Stand with three glass cups and candles. 18" tall x 7" diameter.356.jpg356Lighting - Candles, Candlesticks & Lanterns3
290Old Taylor Estate CandelierOld Taylor Estate Candelier with three glass cups and candles. Can add flowers, greenery, or food in the circular base tray. 18" tall x 16.5" diameter at base.357.jpg357Lighting - Candles, Candlesticks & Lanterns1
291Black Wrought-iron Candle Holders (x2)Black Wrought-iron Candle Holders. Set of two. 12" and 7" tall.358.jpg358Lighting - Candles, Candlesticks & Lanterns1
292Retro Candle StandBlack, Retro Candle stand that holds five large candles or mason jars. Adjustable. 11" tall x 33" long.359.jpg359Lighting - Candles, Candlesticks & Lanterns1
293Round,Wrought-iron StandRound,Wrought-iron Stand. Can be used to elevate a serving tray or hold a large plant . 17" diameter x 9" tall.360.jpg360Baskets & Stands1
294Gold Three-tiered Serving TrayGold Three-tiered Serving Tray. 18" tall x 12" wide.361.jpg361Serving Trays1
296Little Golden Book Decorations (x8) Little Golden Book collection includes a set of hats and book boxes all to set out as table decorations. Set of 8.363.jpg363Little Details 1
297Little Golden Book BannerLittle Golden Book Banner with 13 6" banners.364.jpg364Little Details 1
298Decorative BannerDecorative Banner. Cloth with multi-color flower design. Can be used for backdrops or table-runners over white tablecloths. 23" wide x 84" long.365.jpg365Buntings, Banners, and Garlands4
299Little Golden Book Garland (x6)Little Golden Book Hanging Garland. Set of six. Each garland is 24" long. 366.jpg366Buntings, Banners, and Garlands6
300Frame, AluminumFrame, Aluminum. Use on table for decorations and to compartmentalize. 15" x 25".367.jpg367Windows, Doors and Frames12
301Picture Frame, GoldGold Picture Frame. Use on table for decorations and to compartmentalize.368.jpg368Windows, Doors and Frames4
302Rustic Chalkboard Stand, RedRustic Chalkboard Stand, Antique Red. Double-sided chalkboards. 58" tall x 16" wide.369.jpg369Chalkboards, Signs & Easels1
26Setup Services, 8-12 hoursWe will set up your decorations for you so you don't have to worry about them. We will provide 8-12 hours for weddings and large group events.100.jpg100Set-up Services2
27Flower VaseClear flower vase. (8" tall).104.jpg104Flower Vases12
28Punch BowlRound metal bucket can be used for punch bowl, Choose from blue or galvanized color. Comes with 12 glass punch cups and s-hooks.105.jpg105Serving Drink Dispensers1
29Galvanized Serving Tray, Round Round Galvanized Serving Tray with wooden handles. 15.5" wide x 2" high.103.jpg103Serving Trays1
323-glass and metal tray Three-mason-jar glasses in a galvanized frame with handles. Chalkboard tags. Glasses can be filled with flowers, decorative nick-nacs, or personalized items. Dimension: 8"x14"106.jpg106Glassware & Mason Jars2
33Ivory Lace Sheer Vintage ivory lace sheer (64"x104"). Picture shows two sheers.107.jpg107BackdropsCHANGED9
34Galvanized Serving Tray, Oval Oval Galvanized Serving Tray with wood handles. 12" deep x 17" wide x 2" high108.jpg108Serving Trays1
35Glass Milk BottlesGlass milk bottles, A fun way to serve beverages, or use for flowers and table decorations. Add a straw for some nostalgic fun! 7" tall. Rental price per bottle. 109.jpg109Glassware & Mason Jars24
36Clear Drink Dispenser with Bucket Base Clear Drink Dispenser with galvanized bucket base. 2 gallon capacity.110.jpg110Serving Drink Dispensers3
39Black LanternBlack Lantern with ivory color LED candle, 13.5" tall, 5.5" wide111.jpg111Lighting - Candles, Candlesticks & Lanterns4
40Silver Lantern Silver Lantern, with door and glass panels,19" tall, 8.5" wide. Has a ring for hanging.112.jpg112Lighting - Candles, Candlesticks & Lanterns3
41Gold Filigree LanternGold lantern, metal, 12.25" tall, 8" diameter. with Handle: 19.5" tall Opening: 5" diameter. Will hold a candle or put a 10" tall cylinder vase inside for flowers. 113.jpg113Lighting - Candles, Candlesticks & Lanterns10
42Black Easels Black easels, wooden, various heights114.jpg114Chalkboards, Signs & Easels7
43Brown Easel Brown wrought iron easel, 16" tall115.jpg115Chalkboards, Signs & Easels1
44Easel, Antique Gold Easel, Antique Gold color, metal,14" tall116.jpg116Chalkboards, Signs & Easels3
45Silver Flower Bowl Silver color serving bowl. Can be used for a variety of items, use for rolls, place glass tray in it to use for food. Makes a great card holder. (4" x 21").117.jpg117Serving Trays1
46Ivory Candlestick Ivory Candlestick, 20" tall with a 7" diameter base. wooden.118.jpg118Lighting - Candles, Candlesticks & Lanterns1
47Glass Cylinder Vase Glass Cylinder Vase, 23.5" tall x 5" wide.119.jpg119Flower Vases6
484-tier Candle Stand4-tiered candle stand. Distressed Ivory color. 8" tall x 10" wide120.jpg120Lighting - Candles, Candlesticks & Lanterns1
49Glass Cylinder VaseGlass Cylinder Vase. 19.5"tall x 5" wide121.jpg121Flower Vases12
50Set of Ivory Candlesticks (x3)Set of three Ivory Distressed Candlesticks Ivory Distressed, 5", 8", 12" tall.122.jpg122Lighting - Candles, Candlesticks & Lanterns1
51Brown Easel Brown Easel, metal, 20" tall123.jpg123Chalkboards, Signs & Easels2
523-tier Gold Plate Rack3-tier Gold Plate Rack, 20" tall. with each ring 8" in diameter. Holds up to 10" plates.124.jpg124Serving Trays4
53Gold Bowls painted Gold Bowls, metal, oval shaped, with small foot pedestals. Do not use for serving food unless bowl is lined. 125.jpg125Serving Trays1
54Glass Cylinder Vase Glass Cylinder Vase. 16" tall x 4" wide.126.jpg126Flower Vases1
55Glass Cylinder Vase Glass Cylinder Vase. 12" tall x 5" wide127.jpg127Flower Vases1
56Glass Cylinder Vase Glass Cylinder Vase. 10" tall x 3" wide.128.jpg128Flower Vases15
57Glass Cylinder Vase Glass Cylinder Vase, 9" tall x 3" wide.129.jpg129Flower Vases15
59Glass Cylinder Vase Glass Cylinder Vase, 7.5" tall x 3" wide130.jpg130Flower Vases32
60Chalkboard Sign Chalkboard Sign131.jpg131Chalkboards, Signs & Easels10
61Multi-color Chalkboard SignsMulti-color Chalkboard Signs with 4" frames, easel on back. Rent as set of 9. Use at buffet, drink station, reserve tables, write sweet notes, etc. So many fun uses.132.jpg132Chalkboards, Signs & Easels1
62Silver Tray Chalkboard Silver Tray Chalkboard (4" x 6") with 4" clear easel. Use at buffet, drink station, reserve tables, write sweet notes, etc. So many uses.133.jpg133Chalkboards, Signs & Easels10
63Silver Filigree Frame Silver Filigree Frame (8" x 10").134.jpg134Chalkboards, Signs & Easels2
64Mason Jars, Pint Mason Jars, Pint-size. Can use for beverages, flowers, or votive candles.135.jpg135Glassware & Mason Jars100
65Mason Jars, QuartMason Jars, Quart-sized. Can use for beverages, flowers, or votive candles.136.jpg136Glassware & Mason Jars45
66Love Sign 3-D Cardboard Love Sign. black chalkboard heart. 6" x 12".137.jpg137Chalkboards, Signs & Easels1
67Sign with Hearts 3-D Cardboard Sign with Hearts. Chalkboard in center of large heart. 7" x 11". will stand on its own.138.jpg138Chalkboards, Signs & Easels2
68Signs, Various Various Signs, 6" x 6". (Rented individually - Select text as an option.)139.jpg139Chalkboards, Signs & Easels1
69Bride & Groom Statue White Porcelain Bride & Groom Statue. 5" tall.140.jpg140Little Details 1
70Love You More Sign Love You More Sign, Red lettering, 6" x 6", will stand on it's own141.jpg141Chalkboards, Signs & Easels1
71Happily Ever After Sign Happily Ever After Sign, metal, 5" x 19"142.jpg142Chalkboards, Signs & Easels1
72You & Me Sign You & Me Sign, wooden 12" x 12". Display with an easel (not included)143.jpg143Chalkboards, Signs & Easels1
73Glass Bowl Glass Bowl. 4" tall x 10" wide with 8" opening. Nice for floating candles, flowers, etc144.jpg144Flower Vases15
74Chalkboard Easel, Double-sided Chalkboard Easel, Double-sided, 35" tall x 16" wide x 24" deep. 145.jpg145Chalkboards, Signs & Easels1
75Chalkboard Sign, Rectangular, Small Chalkboard Sign, Rectangular, Various small sizes (select as an option).146.jpg146Chalkboards, Signs & Easels1
76Chalkboard Sign, Rectangular, Medium Chalkboard Sign, Rectangular, Various medium sizes (select as an option).147.jpg147Chalkboards, Signs & Easels1
77Chalkboard, Decorative, Rounded Corners Decorative Chalkboard, Rounded Corners, 14" x 20"148.jpg148Chalkboards, Signs & Easels1
78Chalkboard Sign, Rectangular, Long Chalkboard Sign, Rectangular, Long, 14" x 38"149.jpg149Chalkboards, Signs & Easels2
79Chalkboard Sign, Rectangular, Large Chalkboard Sign, Rectangular, Various Large Sizes (Select as an option).150.jpg150Chalkboards, Signs & Easels1
80Easel, Brown, Wrought-iron Wrought-iron Brown Easel, 12" wide x 39" tall x 19" deep151.jpg151Chalkboards, Signs & Easels3
81Glass Plate, Vintage Vintage Glass Plates, 6" x 10". Has a place to hold a glass punch cup on the plate.152.jpg152Vintage China 30
82Glass Punch Cups, Vintage Vintage Glass Punch Cups, assorted patterns as shown in picture (rental price per cup).153.jpg153Glassware & Mason Jars100
83Plate, White 10" White Plate, square plate with rounded corners, 10" x 10"154.jpg154Vintage China 10
84Plate, White 7" White Plate, square plate with rounded corners, 7" x 7"155.jpg155Vintage China 6
85Princess Carriage This sparkly silver Princess Carriage can be used to hold flower arrangements, little nick-nacks, or used as a serving tray. 22" tall x 29" wide x 10" deep.156.jpg156Little Details 1
86Baby Carriage White, wicker Baby Carriage. Let your imagination run wild on the ways to use this unique item. 17" tall x 22" wide x 14" wide.157.jpg157Little Details 1
87Pumpkin Vase, SilverYou can only find this one-of-a-kind silver pumpkin flower vase on this website! Measures 12" tall x 15" wide with a 5" opening. Perfect for a Cinderella theme!158.jpg158Flower Vases1
88Love SignRustic Board with hand painted Love. 40" tall x 5" wide. Has a hole in top of board for hanging.159.jpg159Chalkboards, Signs & Easels1
89Window Frame, WhiteVintage White Window Frame without glass. Use for hanging items, such as pictures, across strings running horizontal behind the window. 27" tall x 24" wide.160.jpg160Windows, Doors and Frames1
90Frame, White, RoundVintage White Window Frame with burlap bow (removable), 29"/24" outside/inside dimension. No glass. Hang a monogrammed letter inside the frame. Has a wire to hang the frame.161.jpg161Windows, Doors and Frames1
91Wire Bird Cage Rustic grey-green Wire Bird Cage. Top lifts open so you can use for cards, candles, flowers or greenery. 13" tall x 7" wide.162.jpg162Little Details 1
92Lace Toppers Vintage off-white Lace overlays with assorted designs. 64" square.163.jpg163Burlap, Linens and Lace25
93White Table Cloth, Rectangular Rectangular White Table Cloth. 90" x 132"164.jpg164Burlap, Linens and Lace20
94White Table Cloth, Round Round White Table Cloth. 108"165.jpg165Burlap, Linens and Lace12
95White Table Cloth, Round Round White Table Cloth. 120"166.jpg166Burlap, Linens and Lace20
96Shepherd Hook, Black Shepherd Hook, Black. 41" tall. Use to hang a lantern or vase or mason jars.167.jpg167Little Details 8
97Silver Serving Tray Faux Silver Serving Tray, metal with fluted edges. Round 19"168.jpg168Serving Trays1
98Glass Serving Tray, Round Glass Serving Tray, Round 20"169.jpg169Serving Trays1
99Mighty Yellow Dump Truck Mighty Yellow Dump Truck. Unique item for serving food or holding décor at a baby shower or birthday party! 9" tall x 18" wide x 7" deep.170.jpg170Little Details 1
100Orange Truck with Flatbed Trailermetal Orange Truck with Flatbed Trailer. Unique item for serving food (put a tray on the trailer) or holding décor at a baby shower or birthday party! 6" tall x 26" long x 6" deep171.jpg171Little Details 1
101Ceramic Delivery Truck Ceramic Delivery Truck. Unique item to use as a base for a flower arrangement, candle, or other decor at a baby shower or birthday party! 6" tall x 10" long x 6" deep172.jpg172Little Details 1
102Vintage Car Vintage 1931 Royals Royce Car. Use as additional décor for a baby shower or birthday party with a traveltheme. 3" tall x 10" long173.jpg173Little Details 1
103Vintage CarCeramic Car. Green. Use as additional décor for a baby shower or birthday party with a travel theme. 5" tall x 10" long. Use as is, for flowers, napkin or silverware holder.174.jpg174Little Details 1
104Vintage Toy Train Vintage Wooden Toy Train Engine. Use as additional décor for a baby shower or birthday party. 4" tall x 6" long175.jpg175Little Details 1
105Vintage Postcards Assorted Vintage Postcards showing different countries. Use as décor for a travel theme event. Rented as a set of 24 cards, as shown.176.jpg176Little Details 1
106Map Table Runner Have you ever seen a Table Runner made out of a map? This item will surely generate some favorable comments. Use with an event travel theme. 87" long x 18" wide177.jpg177Little Details 4
107Sailboat Sailboat, metal, brown. Use as additional décor for a baby shower or birthday party. 8" tall x 5" long178.jpg178Little Details 1
108Clear Lights Strand of 100 clear lights to use with backdrops or event lighting.179.jpg179Lighting - Candles, Candlesticks & Lanterns36
109Glass Bottle Clear Glass Bottles with cap to use to serve water or hold a flower arrangement. 12" tall.180.jpg180Glassware & Mason Jars6
110Silver Glass Container Silver Glass Container to use to hold silverware or flowers (5" inches)181.jpg181Flower Vases2
111Galvanized Party BucketGalvanized metal Party Bucket with stand and tray. Use to hold up to 48 cold cans and bottled drinks with ice. Bottle opener. (9.25 gallon capacity. 32" tall x 24" wide)182.jpg182Galvanized1
112Galvanized Bucket with Handle, RoundGalvanized Bucket with either a top or side handles. Use to store many different items, including a flower arrangement.183.jpg183Galvanized10
113Galvanized French Bucket Galvanized French Bucket with handles. Use to store many different items, including a flower arrangement. 15" tall184.jpg184Galvanized1
114Brown Bucket Galvanized Brown Bucket with handles. 7" tall.185.jpg185Galvanized10
115Galvanized BucketGalvanized Bucket. Variety of sizes as Options.186.jpg186Galvanized10
116Brown Burlap Table Topper Brown Burlap Table Topper with fringed edges. 46" square187.jpg187Burlap, Linens and Lace18
117Burlap Table Runner Burlap Table Runner with fringed edges. 16" wide x 92" long.188.jpg188Burlap, Linens and Lace18
118Brown Silk Table Runner Brown Silk Table Runner. 11" wide x 104" long189.jpg189Burlap, Linens and Lace49
119Decorative Candle DisplayDecorative Candle Display with five votive candles. Antique gold. 5" tall x 21" long.190.jpg190Lighting - Candles, Candlesticks & Lanterns1
120Hoops with Fabric Streamers 26" hoop with assorted colored fabric streamers. Hang them from the ceiling or a wall or backdrop.191.jpg191Little Details 15
121Hoop with Fabric Streamers 20" black hoop with white and ivory fabric streamers. Hang them from the ceiling or a wall or backdrop.192.jpg192Little Details 5
122Clock Clock striking midnight for a Cinderella theme (6" tall). Ceramic. Ivory color with gold details.193.jpg193Little Details 1
123Square Silver Lace Table Topper Vintage Square Silver Lace Table Topper (144"). Handmade with two seams.194.jpg194Burlap, Linens and Lace1
124Ivory Lace Round Tablecloth Vintage Ivory Lace Round Tablecloth (108"). Handmade with seams. Beautiful on a cake table over a white tablecloth.195.jpg195Burlap, Linens and Lace1
125Ivory Lace Rectangular Tablecloth Vintage Sheer Ivory Lace Rectangular Tablecloth with leaf pattern (90"x132").196.jpg196Burlap, Linens and Lace5
126Ivory Lace Rectangular Tablecloth Vintage Ivory Lace Rectangular Tablecloth (58"x156"). Seam in center.197.jpg197Burlap, Linens and Lace1
127Ivory Lace Rectangular Tablecloth Vintage Ivory Lace Rectangular Tablecloth (58"x91") with large leaf pattern.198.jpg198Burlap, Linens and Lace1
128White Lace Oval Tablecloth Vintage White Lace Oval Tablecloth (62"x92").199.jpg199Burlap, Linens and Lace1
129White Lace Retangular Tablecloth Vintage White Lace Retangular Tablecloth (55"x120") with scalloped edges. Seam in center.200.jpg200Burlap, Linens and Lace1
130Ivory Lace Oval Tablecloth Vintage Ivory Lace Oval Tablecloth (62"x104") with scalloped edges.201.jpg201Burlap, Linens and Lace1
131Ivory Lace Sheer Vintage Ivory Lace Sheer (64"x84").202.jpg202BackdropsCHANGED6
132White Lace Sheer Vintage White Lace Sheer (60"x84")203.jpg203BackdropsCHANGED5
133Ivory Sheer Scarf Ivory Sheer Scarf to drape over arches, entry way, etc. (59"x216").204.jpg204BackdropsCHANGED8
134Colored Sheer Various colored sheers (select color under Options). (Each 64"x84"). Can be used for backdrops, windows, entry way.205.jpg205BackdropsCHANGED10
135Small SilverTrays Round (9¾"), oval (8¾x12¼") , and rectangular (7-5/8x11") nickel-plated trays are great for a centerpiece base, or serving hors d’oeuvres and desserts! 206.jpg206Vintage Silver20
136Wishing Well Provide pen and paper and your guests will share their wishes to the Mr. & Mrs., the retiree, or the guest of honor. This wooden wishing well is 17" tall.207.jpg207Rustic Decor1
137LED Pillar CandleA flameless 5 inch tall pillar candle made with real wax. Will flicker to add ambience to your event. Delivered with new batteries. Ivory color, unscented.208.jpg208Lighting - Candles, Candlesticks & Lanterns12
138Fairy Lights LED Fairy string lights on a copper colored wire. 3 ft. length. Battery operated. Great for providing light in mason jars at your event. 209.jpg209Lighting - Candles, Candlesticks & Lanterns12
139Vintage SuitcasePainted Vintage Suitcase can be used for a card box, to hold memorabilia, wedding send-off items, display on food tables, or asa travel theme. 12" x 10". 210.jpg210Crates and Containers2
140Clip-on Chalkboard signsThese mini chalkboard signs will clip on the edges of a container. Perfect for labeling food items that you are serving at your event. rented as a set of 6 chalkboards. 211.jpg211Chalkboards, Signs & Easels2
141Football Runner and Goal PostsA burlap green runner (16" x 56") complete with white yard lines. Goal posts are 16" tall. Perfect for a grooms table, party or birthday. 212.jpg212Little Details1
142Vintage Silver tray, roundA large 16" diameter vintage silver tray. Use for a cake plate, serving tray, table centerpiece, etc. A lovely way to add some bling to your event.213.jpg213Vintage Silver1
1433-tier Ivory Wooden Stand This 3-tiered Ivory Wooden Stand is perfect for serving cupcakes, cookies or a delectable treat at your event. 28" tall with 6", 10", 14" trays.214.jpg214Serving Trays1
144Tabletop Flower Arrangement, MediumMultiple-colored and variety of flowers arranged in a round or square glass vase with decorative twine. Medium vase. Email to discuss flower options.215.jpg215Flower Arrangements10
145Tabletop Wood Candle in Glass Vase Tabletop Wood Candle in Glass Vase216.jpg216Lighting - Candles, Candlesticks & Lanterns20
147Tabletop Flower Arrangement, SmallSimple flower arrangement in a round or square glass vase. Style of vase may vary. Small vase. Email to discuss flower options.218.jpg218Flower Arrangements20
148Centerpiece Flower Arrangement, TallTall Centerpiece Flower Arrangement with 19" Tall Glass Vase. Picture shows vase with lemons and limes. Email to discuss options.219.jpg219Flower Arrangements12
150Love is patient ... 16 verses from 1 Corinthians 13. Boards are 11" x 12". Free standing with wooden pegs. 221.jpg221Chalkboards, Signs & Easels1
151Painted bud vasesChalk painted bud vases, assorted shapes and sizes. A lovely way to dress up an event! Choose from colors in options. Comment when checking out if you want the tall or short vases.222.jpg222Flower Vases12
152Silver tray with handlesVintage silver tray 14" x 18", footed with handles.223.jpg223Vintage Silver1
153Mason Jar Flower Arrangement, SmallSimple flower arrangement using mason jars, lace, burlap, and ribbon color of your choice. Email to discuss your flower options.224.jpg224Flower Arrangements100
154Silver trays, Round Vintage silver trays, 12.5" diameter, assorted designs. 225.jpg225Vintage Silver16
155Vintage silver candelabraVintage silver candelabra, 14" wide and 18" tall, holds 5 taper candles. Our LED taper candles look lovely in it. No worries with wax or flame. 226.jpg226Lighting - Candles, Candlesticks & Lanterns1
156Silver tray and bowlSilver tray, 15" diameter, and bowl, 10" diameter 227.jpg227Vintage Silver1
157Round silver trayVintage silver tray, round. Footed. 14.5" diameter. 228.jpg228Vintage Silver1
158Silver Trays, RoundRound silver trays, various designs., 15" diameter229.jpg229Vintage Silver11
159Silver Pedestal TraysSilver Pedestal trays. All 6" ht. Small 9", Medium 11", and Large 13" diameter. Can be stacked or use individually. For serving, cake plate, candy bar.230.jpg230Vintage Silver1
160Silver meat platter with tree wellSilver meat platter tray with tree well. Footed. Oval 12x16231.jpg231Vintage Silver2
161Silver tray, footed Vintage silver tray with scalloped edges, footed, 11.5 x 14.5 Use as a serving tray, to hold plates, napkins, etc. at the buffet table. 232.jpg232Vintage Silver1
163Silver tray, ovalVintage silver tray, oval, 10" x 16"234.jpg234Vintage Silver1
164Silver rectangular tray with handlesSilver rectangular tray with handles, choose footed or flat. 6" x 11". Use to hold food, napkins, silverware, etc.235.jpg235Vintage Silver2
165Silver bowl, oval shape Silver bowl, oval shape, 7" x 14" Use for food, decorative plate for napkins or silverware. 236.jpg236Vintage Silver1
167Ornate silver tray Ornate Silver tray with tiny flower pattern. Use with or without sugar/creamer cups. 237.jpg237Vintage Silver1
193I Love UI Love U heart marquee black 8" tall letters with lights. Heart is 11" tall and has a chalkboard center to leave a message.262.jpg262Chalkboards, Signs & Easels1
168White Vase Flower Arrangement, Small Picture shows a variety of flowers arranged in a white vase. Style of vase will vary. Can provide other flowers. Email to discuss flower choices. 238.jpg238Flower Arrangements20
169Silver sugar & cream cupsSilver sugar and cream cups. Use for table decor for greenery or flowers. Perfect for a tea party or a princess party. 239.jpg239Vintage Silver12
171Pewter tea pot, tray, s/c Vintage pewter tea pot, sugar/creamer cups on a round tray. 240.jpg240Vintage Silver1
172Chafing dishTramontina 3 quart round chafing dish with glass lid. Use sterno fuel for heat source. Not included with chafing dish. 241.jpg241Serving Trays2
173Round bowl, SilverSilver bowl, round, 8.5" diameter, fluted like a flower. 242.jpg242Vintage Silver1
174Round silver plateVintage silver, 10" diameter round plate243.jpg243Vintage Silver1
175Large silver tray w/ handlesA large vintage silver tray with handles. Oval shape 18" x 22"244.jpg244Vintage Silver1
176Silver Rect. Tray w/ handles Vintage silver rectangular shape tray with handles. 11" x 15"245.jpg245Vintage Silver1
177LED Taper candles LED white taper candles. Made with real wax. Lovely ambient glow. Light has a slight flicker or "dance" to look like a real flame. AA Batteries included. 246.jpg246Lighting - Candles, Candlesticks & Lanterns10
178White LED pillar candlesWhite LED pillar candles. 3 piece set. 3 inch wide pillar candle in 4", 5", and 6 " height. AAA batteries and remote included. made with real wax, avoid leaving in the heat.247.jpg247Lighting - Candles, Candlesticks & Lanterns5
179Lace Doily Hand cut lace doily, white and ivory colors. Dress up a silver or gold tray or a slice of wood before adding vases or mason jars to "dress up" your centerpiece. 248.jpg248Burlap, Linens and Lace30
180Silver Lucite scoopSilver Lucite scoop with rhinestone on handle. Set of 4. 2" x 5". Perfect serving utensil for a candy station. 249.jpg249Serving Trays1
181Clear Lucite scoopClear lucite scoop. 2.5" x 6.5" Set of 3. Perfect serving utensil for candy or snacks.250.jpg250Serving Trays2
182Wire Lampshade Plant StandSilver Wire Lampshade, 18" tall. Use as a plant stand, or hang suspended with fabric streamers or lights on it. 251.jpg251Baskets & Stands3
184Silver Candle Stand Silver painted candle stand that holds 5 candles. 24" x 13"253.jpg253Lighting - Candles, Candlesticks & Lanterns1
185Silver Candle Sticks (x3) Set of three silver painted candle sticks. Two are 5.5", the other is 8" tall. Holds pillar candles.254.jpg254Lighting - Candles, Candlesticks & Lanterns2
186Silver Candle Sticks (x3) Set of three silver painted candle sticks. 8", 10", and 12" tall. Holds pillar or tapper candles.255.jpg255Lighting - Candles, Candlesticks & Lanterns1
187Silver Candle Sticks (x5) Set of five silver painted candle sticks. 5", 8", 9", 10", & 11" tall. Holds tapper candles.256.jpg256Lighting - Candles, Candlesticks & Lanterns1
188Tall Silver Candle StickTall silver painted candle sticks. 18" tall. Holds pillar or tapper candles.257.jpg257Lighting - Candles, Candlesticks & Lanterns2
189Silver L-O-V-E Letters Silver L-O-V-E Marquee Letters. 6" tall258.jpg258Chalkboards, Signs & Easels1
190I Love U I Love U heart with lights. 6" tall259.jpg259Chalkboards, Signs & Easels1
191# Symbol # Marquee symbol. 6" tall260.jpg260Chalkboards, Signs & Easels1
192Silver L-O-V-E LettersRed & Silver L-O-V-E Marquee Letters. Can hang up or use on table top. 14" tall.261.jpg261Chalkboards, Signs & Easels1
194Rustic Brown Candle Sticks Set of three rustic brown candle sticks. 21", 22", and 23" tall. Holds pillar candles.263.jpg263Lighting - Candles, Candlesticks & Lanterns1
195Silver Tray Chalkboard Round (9¾"), oval (8¾x12¼"), and rectangular (7-5/8x11") nickel-plated Silver Tray with Chalkboard center.264.jpg264Chalkboards, Signs & Easels6
196Black Plant StandBlack wrought-iron plant stand. Heart-shaped. Will hold a hanging basket or a potted plant. Folds up flat for transport. 42" tall.265.jpg265Baskets & Stands2
197Rustic Oak Half BarrelRustic Oak Half Barrel. Can hold a 9" cake, or turned upside-down and used as a bowl. 12" wide by 5" tall266.jpg266Serving Trays1
198Set of Ivory Candlesticks (x2)Set of two Ivory Distressed Candlesticks. 10", 12" tall. Will hold a pillar candle.267.jpg267Lighting - Candles, Candlesticks & Lanterns1
199Set of Ivory Candlesticks (x3)Set of three Ivory Distressed Candlesticks. 6", 7", and 11.5" tall. Will hold a pillar candle.268.jpg268Lighting - Candles, Candlesticks & Lanterns1
200Large Rustic Oak End Barrel Large Rustic Oak End Barrel. Can hold a 18" cake, or turned upside-down and used as a large bowl. 23.5" wide by 6" tall269.jpg269Serving Trays1
201Set of Ivory Candlesticks (x3) Set of three Ivory Distressed Candlesticks with leaves. 5", 6", 8" tall. Will hold a pillar candle.270.jpg270Lighting - Candles, Candlesticks & Lanterns1
202Set of Ivory Candlesticks (x2) Set of two Ivory Distressed Candlesticks. 7" tall. Will hold a pillar candle.271.jpg271Lighting - Candles, Candlesticks & Lanterns1
203Set of Submersible LED Lights (x6)Set of six Submersible LED Lights. 1" round.272.jpg272Lighting - Candles, Candlesticks & Lanterns10
204Rustic wooden box Wooden box, 5.5" tall x 7.5" deep x8.5" wide, will hold a potted plant.273.jpg273Crates and Containers20
205Metal Backdrop Supports Metal backdrop supports (6.5' tall x 10' wide) to hang a variety of products, such as lace or cloth sheers, paper signs, or lights. Caution-this item could fall if not secured.274.jpg274BackdropsCHANGED10
206Vintage Suitcase Vintage Suitcase with black interior. Painted gray, blue, or white. 12"x 18"x 6". Great for holding party favors, gifts, cards, toys, and other memorabilia.275.jpg275Crates and Containers1
207Wrought-iron Brown-Gold EaselWrought-iron Brown-Gold Easel, 12" wide x 52" tall. Support will adjust to 28" or 41".276.jpg276Chalkboards, Signs & Easels1
208Galvanized Beverage Bucket, Oval Galvanized Beverage Bucket, Oval. Food and beverage safe. "Chill Out" sign on front. Black Handles.277.jpg277Serving Drink Dispensers1
209Galvanized Beverage Bucket, Round Galvanized Beverage Bucket, Round. Food and beverage safe. Burlap "Chilled" sign on front. Great to hold cold drinks. 19" wide x 9" deep278.jpg278Serving Drink Dispensers2
210Galvanized Beverage Bucket, Round Galvanized Beverage Bucket, Round. Food and beverage safe. Wooden handle. Punch-sealed bottom seam. 15" wide x 9" deep.279.jpg279Serving Drink Dispensers2
212Galvanized Bucket, Oval Galvanized Bucket, Oval, with movable handles. 10" long x 5" wide x 4" deep.281.jpg281Galvanized5
213Galvanized Tray, Oval Galvanized Tray, Oval. 16.5" long x 4" wide x 3/4" high282.jpg282Serving Trays2
214Fluted Tray, Turquoise Turquoise Fluted Tray with black interior. 14" wide x 2" high283.jpg283Serving Trays1
215Wide Galvanized Bucket, RoundWide Galvanized Bucket, Round, with handles. 11" wide x 5.5" high284.jpg284Galvanized4
216"Lemonade" Bucket, Oval "Lemonade" Bucket, Oval, with logo on both sides. Bottom sealed to hold ice or liquid. 19" wide x 14" deep x 8" tall285.jpg285Serving Drink Dispensers1
217Marquee Arrow Marquee Arrow. 17" tall x 7.5" wide. Rustic red with black base.286.jpg286Chalkboards, Signs & Easels1
218Round Vase, Fluted Fluted, Round Vase, Swirl Design. 6" tall x 3" wide.287.jpg287Flower Vases15
219Vintage, Diamond-point BowlVintage, Diamond-point glass Bowl. 5" wide x 3" tall.288.jpg288Vintage China 24
220Retirement Photo Booth Signs Photo Booth Signs for a Retirement Party. Set of 10 signs. Have fun saying good bye to your co-worker.289.jpg289Chalkboards, Signs & Easels1
221Galvanized Napkin Holder Galvanized Napkin Holder. 7" square with handles290.jpg290Serving Trays1
222Galvanized Serving Tray, Square Square Galvanized Serving Tray with wooden handles. 10.5" x 5" tall291.jpg291Serving Trays1
223Galvanized Serving Tray, Rectangular Rectangular Galvanized Serving Tray with wooden handles. 12" x 18" x 2" tall292.jpg292Serving Trays1
224Clear Drink Dispenser Clear Drink Dispenser. Use with wood stump to raise off table. 1 or 2 gallon capacity as options.293.jpg293Serving Drink Dispensers3